Cheap Media Players Reavealed

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Looking for a cheap media player to cut the cord for your home theater?. A wireless media player can help reduce one cord from your rack, and reduce your cost of implementing your network attached HD digital media player. Don’t get caught up in the idea a wireless media player is expensive. If you know what to look for you can find your ideal media player at an affordable price.

Speed of the Cheap Media Player

One thing you will want to have, to make sure you get the most value from your wireless media player, is the a high quality wireless router or access point. You want to match to the highest speed your cheap media player can support. Most operate at a maximum at 54Mbps, but some units have now started supporting the 802.11n standard, giving you higher speeds and longer ranges. For the low cost of switching to a 802.11n wireless router or access point you can have higher bandwidth, and be confident your cheap media player can reach most corners of your home.

Formats Supported

Just because the wireless aspect of your wireless media player is first on your mind, don’t overlook the other critical factors you need on any cheap media player. You need to make sure it supports all of the video, audio, and photo formats you want to use. One other feature you may be using now, and would like on your wireless media player is video on demand. If you are using Netflix, Amazon, or any other video on demand services on your PC, you will like them even more on your digital media player.

Storage of the Cheap Media Player

Review what types of storage are supported. You most likely want access to shares on your computers and laptops. You will want support for either USB hard drives, or network attached storage for storing all of your media files. Check to see if the cheap media player is also a media streamer. Many people overlook the advantages of a HD streaming media player until after they have purchased.

DLNA Support

If you are a real home theater geek, you may want to check into a cheap media player which also supports DLNA. DLNA gives you a standard to build your entire home into an orchestrated, connected entertainment paradise.

As you do your research, you will learn the cheap media players have all the features to all you to your entertainment system without spending a fortune.


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Cheap Media Players Reavealed

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This article was published on 2011/04/04