How Could I Remove Windows Media Player From My Computer Instantly

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Windows Media Player has a large group of customers all over the world. Most Windows Media Player users encounter problems when trying to uninstall the Windows Media Player. Do you also have problem with removing Windows Media Player? Or are you finding an effective way to uninstall Windows Media Player completely? Get the secret of how to remove every component of Windows Media Player from your computer.

What are the common problems of uninstall Windows Media Player?
You may get one of those common errors when uninstall Windows Media Player, for example, missing necessary files of Windows Media Player, you do not have permission to uninstall the Windows Media Player,or you can not find Windows Media Player on the list of Add/ Remove Programs.

Two Common ways to uninstall Windows Media Player
Method one
1. Start-->Control Panel-->Add/Remove Programs.
2. Find Windows Media Player in the program list and right click to choose Delete.
3. Follow the panel wizard and reboot your PC when it finished.

Method two
1. Start All Programs Windows Media Player.
2. Choose the option Uninstal Windows Media Player.
3. Double-click the option to start the removal.
4. After that, browse for the Windows Media Player folder remained on the hard drive.
5. Click Delete to get rid of the Windows Media Player.

If you get error message when you uninstall Windows Media Player in above methods, you need a third party uninstaller program to remove Windows Media Player completely. Common uninstall methods will always leave some corrupted registry entries on your computer, which will gradually cause computer errors when they accumulate to a large amount.

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How Could I Remove Windows Media Player From My Computer Instantly

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This article was published on 2010/11/24