Price Comparison Guide' Helping Consumers Make Better Choices For Portable Media Players

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Portable media players are one of the most expensive consumer electronics on the market today. It is common for people to look for the top media players on the internet, as well as a price comparison guide for them to know which device would suit their lifestyle. In addition, the websites allow people who want to save money the chance to compare electronic prices that were set by different retailers. Here are some of the less expensive portable media players that are featured on some price comparison sites.

1. iPod Nano. This tiny device went through a lot of transformation over the years and Apple recently redesigned it with multi-touch technology. iPod Nano users do not need to press on buttons, as they only have to swipe and tap on the sleek new screen of this portable media player. The device also has an FM radio and allows users to mix songs together or create a one-of-a-kind playlist.
Consumers who are looking for the cheapest iPod Nano online can look through websites that allow them to compare electronic prices online. While it is not the cheapest portable media player, it is certainly one of the least expensive sold by iPod.

2. Sony Walkman. These portable media players have been around so long but Sony Walkman was first known as portable cassette and CD players. Sony gradually phased out these players and the brand now manufactures MP3 players which are among the least expensive in the lot. The cheapest is below $100 and the latest MP3 player comes with 16GB storage. Price comparison sites provide reviews for both new and slightly used portable media players.

3. SanDisk Sansa. There is no doubt that this brand offers some of the most affordable portable media players. A 4GB MP3 player costs less than $50 and that is a great deal for people who compare portable media player prices online. Consumers can check out websites that offer a price comparison guide for their visitors.

4. Coby MP3s. Most of the portable media players that this manufacturer sells are priced well below $50 dollars and that makes these MP3 players the best choice for many consumers. Coby also manufactures MP3 players that have higher storage spaces, though these are priced much higher, also. In addition, Coby has also manufactured a touch screen MP3 player that can give makers of other MP3 players a run for their money.

5. Creative Zen. This manufacturer combines the right form and function in the portable media players. Be warned, however, that their players are more expensive than other brands. Still, they generally fit in to that "affordable" mold for portable media players. Consumers who want to compare portable media player prices can check these media players out to get the best deals.

6. Ematic. One of the newest entrants in the field of MP3 manufacturing, Ematic now offers affordable MP3 players that come with built-in FM radio. Consumers can choose between 4 or 8 GB of memory to store their songs, videos, and pictures. People who want to purchase this type of MP3 players can initially compare portable media player prices on the internet before they buy one.

Finding the best deals online for these portable media players is easier when consumers check out websites that will allow them to view a price comparison guide and compare electronic prices on these sites.
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Price Comparison Guide' Helping Consumers Make Better Choices For Portable Media Players

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This article was published on 2011/04/05